Austin James Amato AKA “Adam TX” of Fort Worth, TX

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Let’s all say hello to Austin James Amato aka “Adam TX PF-4366” of Fort Worth, TX. Austin Amato is a member of the violent nazi/white supremacist organization known as Patriot Front led by Thomas Rousseau out of Haslet, TX.

Austin Amato was solely responsible for the fabrication of the metal shields and shin guards worn by Patriot Front members in the fall of 2021 to their demonstrations. He was also arrested with Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager in May of 2021 in Sanger, TX on a charge of deadly conduct.

Austin Amato, along with Patriot Front member Graham Jones Whitson, and another unidentified man, were seen in the early hours of April 18, 2022, putting up a Patriot Front banner and stickers in downtown Denton, TX. The banner was strategically placed on the Dr Martin Luther King pedestrian bridge. Intercepted by a local trans activist and told to get the fuck off his block (and it is his block) Patriot Front members knocked the phone out of his hand and threatened that if he didn’t walk the other way they were going to keep his phone and he wouldn’t “leave in one piece”

Garret J. Garland AKA “Randolph IL” of Freeburg, IL

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With the help of private chats leaked by the journalist collective Unicorn Riot, Hatewatch identified Garret J. Garland, 24, of Freeburg, Illinois, as working with Patriot Front member Mitchell Frederick Wagner, in planning and perpetrating the destruction of a mural depicting famous Black Americans on a college campus in St. Louis, Missouri in December 2021. Based on the chats, it appears Garland worked closely with local and national Patriot Front leadership to carry out the property damage. They also indicate that he recruited Wagner and Logan Plank, 18, of Wood River, Illinois, and one still-unidentified individual to participate in the destruction of the mural.

In Patriot Front chats, members use aliases to disguise their identity. Those aliases typically include the state in which they reside. Leaked private chats reveal how the person behind the alias Randolph IL, who Hatewatch believes based on the investigation recounted above to be Garland, planned and perpetrated the destruction of the St. Louis mural. On Dec. 13, 2021, five days before the vandalism, Randolph IL shared a weekly meeting report with the local chapter leader of Patriot Front who subsequently shared it with Rousseau. Under the bullet point “Upcoming Activism,” Randolph IL wrote: “Weekend Plans: Randolph IL, Sam MN, Kyle MO, and Clarke IL will stencil at Wash U. Randy will plan, Kyle will photograph.”

The mural that was destroyed was created in 2020 by a collective of local artists and featured famous Black Americans, particularly figures of note to St. Louis, including Annie Malone, one of the first Black millionaires and a prominent philanthropist, and Robert L. Williams, a professor at Washington University – the campus on which the mural stood – who coined the term “Ebonics.” It also featured civil rights leader John Lewis and actor Chadwick Boseman.

Students cleaned some of the vandalism from this image of actor Chadwick Boseman on a mural in St. Louis after it was defaced in December 2021. (Photo by Curran Neenan/Student Life)

Mitchell Frederick Wagner AKA “Kyle MO” of Florissant, MO

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Prosecutors in St. Louis announced on March 8, 2022 that they charged Mitchell Frederick Wagner, 24, of Florissant, Missouri, with felony first-degree property damage in connection with the destruction of a mural created in 2020 by a collective of local artists which featured famous Black Americans, particularly figures of note to St. Louis. They said three other individuals were with Wagner the night of the alleged act of vandalism. After his arrest, antifascist researchers identified Kyle MO as Wagner.

Wagner was also one of the 31 Patriot Front members arrested in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, on June 11, 2022. The group planned to intimidate the local Pride event taking place that day.

Caleb Dane Rose AKA “Victor IN” of Crawfordsville, IN

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Caleb Dane Rose was known as Victor 2889 IN but Caleb has been known to antifascists for years thanks to his numerous memberships in white nationalist groups. In fact, his previous membership in National Socialist Club (NSC)-131 was one of the main reasons for his identification in Patriot Front. NSC-131 was recently in the news after the hate group attended a St. Patrick’s day parade in Boston and used one of the Dropkick Murphy’s songs in their propaganda afterwards. After some insults online, Dropkicks invited the neo-nazis to talk at the park a few days later and NSC did not attend out of fear. NSC neo-nazis have roots or are otherwise connected other white nationalist organizations including National Socialist Movement, The Base, League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, Aryan Strike Force and Patriot Front.
At a July 2020 Rogersville, TN, Black Lives Matter protest against police and honoring George Floyd, Caleb was one of nine NSC 131 aka NSC Dixie members arrested for violence against BLM protesters, per Rogersville local news. It was also noted in the Rogersville Review article that Caleb is a member of a second hate group, Legion of St. Ambrose.
Caleb, as Victor, posted frequently on the Patriot Front server, which was leaked in January and is hosted by Unicorn Riot. In his posts, he shared that he lives in Crawfordsville, Indiana and doesn’t have a car. Caleb doesn’t have a car because he was arrested for a DUI. He was in Virginia at the Patriot Front camp in preparation for their early December national event and marched in Washington DC with the fascist group.
Caleb Dane Rose at the Patriot Front camp in Virginia before their December march in Washington DC