Michael Alan Jones AKA “Adam NC” of Charlotte, NC

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Michael Alan Jones is a member of Patriot Front and uses the pseudonym ‘Adam NC’ within the fascist organization. He is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and also has ties to the North Carolina Proud Boys.

Raw Story reports that Michael Jones marched to the US Capitol with hundreds of Proud Boys on January 6th, 2021. He pulled away barricades on the West Plaza and entered the Capitol from the northwest courtyard side door. Michael Jones was later arrested for a curfew violation the night of January 6th, along with NC Proud Boys Jay Thaxton, James Smawley, and Tim Scarboro.

Michael Jones became active with Patriot Front after January 6th, 2021, and adopted the name “Adam NC.” Videos from the massive Unicorn Riot leak of Patriot Front’s internal communications server, show Michael Jones participating in banner drops and casing a park where he and other Patriot Front members planned to vandalize a sculpture honoring abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman. Jones was entrusted by Patriot Front’s leadership to coordinate their communications for their December 4, 2021 march on the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

On March 19, 2022, Michael Jones was arrested in NY state after committing a traffic violation. In his vehicle, law enforcement found Baofeng radios, bolt cutters, knives, ammunition, “burglary tools,” and an AR-15. After returning to North Carolina, Jones was arrested by Mecklenburg County, NC sheriffs and charged with ‘knowingly and unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.’ The felony in question stems from 2019, when Jones plead down from the original statutory sexual offense charges to felony “crimes against nature” after accusations of sexual assault by a 15-year old and a 14-year old.

Charles Sean Conry AKA Jesse NC of Fairview, NC

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Pulled from Conry’s Facebook. 2019

Meet the newest nazi transplant from Florida to the Asheville area, Charles Sean Conry AKA Jesse NC. Charlie is an active member of the fascist white supremacist organization Patriot Front.

Conry is responsible for the bulk of fascist propaganda placed in WNC over the last six months including stickers, stenciled graffiti and banner drops.  He is the main creator of the stencils and banners for the western half of North Carolina using a Cricut machine to make his fascist stencils

While Patriot Front likes to try to keep their image as clean as they can get, members break organizational rules: as did Charles when he posted a swastika on a local bookstore along with PF stickers on the night of January 8th. He was also spotted placing stickers in downtown Asheville with another yet-to-be-identified individual.

Charles Sean Conry AKA “Jesse NC” at the campsite in Virginia prior to the march in DC on December 4th 2021. Nice name tag, Chuck.