Branden Mitchel Haney AKA “James UT” of Kaysville, UT

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In late October of 2021, an anonymous source sent us a tip: the racist, neo-Nazi hate group known as “Patriot Front” had a new member in Utah. The source didn’t know the new guy’s real name, but they gave us the notes from his application interview in the hope that we’d be able to identify him. (You can read the full text of the interview notes at the end of this article.) After reading the notes, we knew a lot about the political views of applicant 462179, but didn’t have enough for a positive ID. When independent media outlet Unicorn Riot published PF’s leaked chat logs in January 2022, we searched for the applicant’s user number in the chats and learned he had chosen the moniker “James.” His chat logs gave us several more details about his personal life, so when he got arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in June 2022, we were easily able to connect Branden Mitchel Haney of Kaysville, UT with his pseudonym, “James UT.”

Branden Haney is believed to be enrolled in and/or employed at FLT Academy in Woods Cross. In addition to wearing their merchandise in his family portrait, Haney is featured in two posts on FLT’s Facebook page. FLT Academy’s website includes this statement on inclusivity: “We seek to cultivate an environment of respect and empathy, advanced by diverse cultures and perspectives.” FLT Academy may not be aware of Branden Mitchel Haney’s racist and antisemitic beliefs, which are clearly at odds with their inclusivity statement. If you’d like to contact them and politely let them know about Haney’s beliefs and his membership in a neo-Nazi hate group, they can be reached by email at or by phone at (801) 896-4470. And if you find PF’s nazi advertisements in your neighborhood, take them down!

Branden Haney offers free ground lessons to other neo-Nazis.

Jared Michael Boyce AKA “Logan UT” of Springville, UT

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We can now confirm that Patriot Front member, Jared Michael Boyce (27), goes by “Logan UT” in the Patriot Front chats leaked by Unicorn Riot. In addition to that pseudonym, we know that Jared also uses “Brohumrie Matey” (or a similar variation) on Telegram, where he posts “anonymous” pictures of himself as well as a wide variety of Nazi propaganda. We matched these pseudonyms together because Jared posted the same photo of himself in the Patriot Front chats and on his Telegram. The picture shows him standing on stolen Pride/Mexico flags as a gesture of disrespect.

Jared was arrested on June 11th with 30 other members of Patriot Front in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, as they were on their way to intimidate a local Pride event. After his high profile arrest, Jared’s mother spoke with The Daily Beast to say that she kicked Jared out of her home in the hopes that her son will finally cut ties with the extremist faction. (He did not.)

Some other examples of Jared Boyce being a Nazi on Telegram.


Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield AKA “Joshua UT” of Elkfield, UT

Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield, 24, of Elkfield UT was arrested alongside 30 other members of Patriot Front while attempting to disrupt a Pride event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Nathaniel serves in Patriot Front leadership as Network 5 Scribe.

According to the Kootenai Co Sheriff’s Office, Nathaniel’s address at time of booking was: 273 W MOONLIGHT DR., ELK RIDGE, UT 84651.

Nathaniel’s leaked Patriot Front messages can be found here.

Cameron Kathan Pruitt AKA Jon UT of Midway, UT

Cameron Kathan Pruitt, 23, of Midway UT was arrested alongside 30 other members of Patriot Front while attempting to disrupt a Pride event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Pruitt was previously arrested in 2020 for putting up Patriot Front stickers in Weatherford, TX with Graham Whitson and Thoas Rousseau. Joshua serves in Patriot Front leadership as Network 5 Director.

According to the Kootenai Co Sheriff’s Office, Cameron’s address at time of booking was: 593 BAYHILL DR, MIDWAY, UT 84049.

Cameron’s leaked Patriot Front messages can be found here, and here.

Tyler Russell Arbuckle AKA “Anthony UT” of Utah

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Images of Tyler Russell Arbuckle: image on left from leaked Patriot Front communications; image on right from a public post on Facebook clearly showing facial markings (image on right is from when he was younger).

Tyler Russell Arbuckle (born July 1998) of Utah is a member of the white supremacist, neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Tyler Arbuckle goes by the alias “Anthony UT” within the white supremacist, neo-fascist group. In January 2022, leaked messages and images from Patriot Front’s RocketChat internal communications was published on Unicorn Riot and clearly identifies Tyler Arbuckle as “Anthony UT”. Tyler has participated in placing neo-Nazi propaganda, demonstrations, and drills with the racist organization. Moreover, Arbuckle graduated from the United States Air Force at Lackland AFB, is likely an active member of the U.S. military, and is probably stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Arbuckle was heavily involved in the planning of the shield team for Patriot Front’s fascist march in Washington, DC on December 4, 2021. He helped organize the shield teams and appears in the leaked #shieldteamrearguard chat on the white supremacist organization’s RocketChat. As someone who graduated from the United States Air Force, Arbuckle is using his military training and background to train neo-Nazis. While in DC on December 4, 2021, Tyler Arbuckle also put up promotional materials (promat) with other Patriot Front members.

In another leaked RocketChat message, Arbuckle states to Patriot Front member (Charles CO) that he is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). We were able to confirm that Tyler Arbuckle is indeed an EMT through a video his mother, Amy Freeze, posted publicly to Instagram in November 2021. We were also able to verify his EMT license. His place of employment as an EMT-B is at GoldCross Ambulance Company.