Jared Michael Boyce AKA “Logan UT” of Springville, UT

Read more at Antifa Garfield and The Daily Beast

We can now confirm that Patriot Front member, Jared Michael Boyce (27), goes by “Logan UT” in the Patriot Front chats leaked by Unicorn Riot. In addition to that pseudonym, we know that Jared also uses “Brohumrie Matey” (or a similar variation) on Telegram, where he posts “anonymous” pictures of himself as well as a wide variety of Nazi propaganda. We matched these pseudonyms together because Jared posted the same photo of himself in the Patriot Front chats and on his Telegram. The picture shows him standing on stolen Pride/Mexico flags as a gesture of disrespect.

Jared was arrested on June 11th with 30 other members of Patriot Front in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, as they were on their way to intimidate a local Pride event. After his high profile arrest, Jared’s mother spoke with The Daily Beast to say that she kicked Jared out of her home in the hopes that her son will finally cut ties with the extremist faction. (He did not.)

Some other examples of Jared Boyce being a Nazi on Telegram.