Dillon Thomas Oakes AKA “John CO” of Highlands Ranch, CO

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We have identified Dillon Thomas Oakes (25) of Highlands Ranch, Colorado as a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. He uses the alias “John – CO” within the racist organization. Dillon Oakes has hosted at least one Patriot Front gathering at this parents’ home and has engaged in regular Patriot Front organizing, including vandalizing a mural in Denver, CO with racist graffiti.

Dillon Oakes (center) and two other Patriot Front members vandalizing a mural at Crema Coffee House in Denver, Colorado.

According to Dillon’s leaked chat messages, he was radicalized by the right-wing  message board 4Chan, particularly its /pol/ board, which is also responsible for creating the QAnon conspiracy theory and numerous mass shooters. Dillon indicates that he is the author of a thread posted to /pol/ where he describes getting in trouble with his family for singing the “Ni***er Song,” and posts a recording of the song.

Oakes posted on Patriot Front’s internal chat as “John CO.” He indicates he frequented the /pol/ message board on 4Chan and wrote songs.
A thread posted by Dillon Oakes about his family’s reaction to a racist song he was caught singing