Ian Douglas Fletcher AKA “Mark MO” of Missouri

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On January 21, 2022, independent media outlet Unicorn Riot released 500GB of Patriot Front’s unaltered internal communications from the fascist group’s private chat server. This private chat is one of the main ways Patriot Front members coordinate and organize their activities. After joining the fascist organization, Patriot Front members choose a false name for themselves and include the state they live in and their title, if applicable. In Patriot Front’s private chat server, Ian Fletcher was known as Mark – MO (@PF-731400). Patriot Front also refers to areas where they have active members as networks. “Mark MO” is a member of Network 13, abbreviated as NW13.

Ian used Patriot Front stencils and spray paint to promote Neo-Nazi Patriot Front iconography in and around Kansas City, MO. There is an image of Ian Fletcher aka “Mark MO” with graffiti that he and several others (including Logan Plank aka “Clarke IL” and Nathaniel Leavitt aka “Clarke MO”) put up in Kansas City, MO. He also appears in several of the videos released by Unicorn Riot, where he can be seen putting up Patriot Front graffiti.

Mark MO was critical in helping Missouri members plan and show up for the Neo-Nazi march in Washington DC in December 2021 [9, 10] and acted as a medic for the march [11]. We were able to spot him wearing a white vest, which was standard for the medics during the December 4th march [14]. Ian also wore identical pieces of clothing while doing hate graffiti in Kansas City as when Patriot Front prepared for the DC March at their training camp.