Alexander Christopher Beilman AKA “Tyler CT” of Meriden, CT

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Alexander Christopher Beilman (born September 13th, 1993) is an American accelerationist, antisemite, self-admitted petty thief, and fascist. Beilman is a member of Patriot Front, last known to function as the Network Scribe for Network 7.

Beilman is a highly active member, taking a part in organizing activities both local and national, and wrangling members into engagement. He produces physical stencils via 3D printer, which he sells to Patriot Front members cross-country for use in graffiti-based promat activities. Beilman has been arrested repeatedly while committing propaganda material events for Patriot Front.

Beilman’s current legal address is in Meriden CT, and he has previously lived in Wallingford CT.

His Patriot Front moniker is “Tyler CT,” and his serial number is PF-365252.