Andrew Jacob Schwam AKA “Samuel GA” of Albertville, AL (Deceased)

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White nationalist Andrew Jacob Schwam of Albertville, Alabama died in an accident while working as a lineman on March 18th. Schwam was active as a white supremacist under the online aliases “George Goy”, “Joseph Warren”, and “Samuel GA”. He was part of Patriot Front as Samuel GA” a couple of years ago, while living in northwest Georgia. Leaked Patriot Front messages refer to him possibly rejoining that organization after his move to Alabama:

More recently, Schwam helped the White Lives Matter racist project in Alabama. Schwam’s history as an active white supremacist explains why the racist/antisemitic National Justice Party has been making propaganda over his death, and why a fundraiser for his family has been doing the rounds on racist Telegram channels. Good riddance to this neo-Nazi.