Trevor Valescu AKA “Johnny MN” of Southern MN

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Trevor Valescu was identified in September 2020 as “Johnny MN” in the fascist Patriot Front organization. This alias was still active in the Patriot Front chat server leaked by Unicorn Riot in January 2022. Messages by “Johnny MN” indicate that Trevor was still the “Network Director” for Minnesota and the Dakotas in 2021. As a Network Director, Trevor Valescu was recruiting, training, and overseeing the activities of the fascists in his Network. He traveled frequently to Patriot Front pop-up spectacles, appearing in Chicago and Philly. Additionally, he marched with Patriot Front on the US Capitol in DC in December 2021.

Trevor Valescu was active in other fascist circles in Minnesota. He also helped to organize fascist “pool parties” associated with the fascist podcast “The Right Stuff” which also organizes as the “National Justice Party,” a fascist MLM/cult/fake political party.