Christopher Leblanc / Christopher Semok AKA “Ryan FL” of Broward County, FL

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Thanks to leaked internal chats published by Unicorn Riot in January 2022, Christopher Leblanc, who also goes by Christopher Semok, was identified as Patriot Front member, “Ryan FL.” Patriot Front members choose an alias for themselves which include the state they live in and their title (if they are in a leadership role) once they join the fascist organization.

Christopher Leblanc/Semok was responsible for a lot of antisemitic and neo-Nazi vandalism and propaganda that was put up around Broward county, Florida. As well as his past ties to the racist/fascist Patriot Front and his affiliation with the National Socialist Movement, Christopher Leblanc/Semok claims to be part of the National Socialist Order (NSO). NSO is a continuation of Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group tied to five murders.

Although he spent time in Spokane, Washington in 2022, he is based in Florida.