Jackson “Jack” Charles Rex AKA “Alan MI” of Swartz Creek, MI

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Anti-racists have unmasked Jackson “Jack” Charles Rex as the Network Director for Michigan (or ‘Network 15’) of the white supremacist Patriot Front organization. Patriot Front requires all of their members to use assigned aliases that are not similar to their actual names and Jackson Rex used the alias “Alan MI” in the group. Thanks to leaked internal chats published by Unicorn Riot, we can see Jackson’s messages within the organization. “Alan MI” is by far the most active Michigan Patriot Front member in their chats, with 1,428 messages, and has been a member since October of 2020. According to meeting minutes, he is also one of the most active members involved in Patriot Front stickering/vandalism. He has organized many Michigan PF events, including their November 27th 2021 Thanksgiving event, which was attended by numerous PF members and a priest from the white supremacist church the Asatru Folk Assembly (which “Alan MI” would participate in further afterwards).

Jackson Rex is from Swartz Creek, Michigan, and attends the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration. Anyone near Ann Arbor and especially Flint should keep an eye out for him. In the chat logs, Jackson talked about making PF members drive to the Flint/Lansing area, mentioned doing PF stickering/vandalism in Flint, and even sent videos of himself putting up PF stickers in Flint to fellow Michigan PF member “Benjamin.” We note that PF stickering in Flint is often aligned with break periods in the UM schedule.

“Alan MI” also takes credit for organizing and executing a major operation in which Patriot Front members painted over a Black Lives Matter mural in Ypsilanti, MI, referred to by PF members as “Operation Whitewash.”

Ann Arbor/Flint regions: If you know more and have any tips please email lonegunmenafa@cryptolab.net. Jackson C. Rex / “Alan MI” may be finishing his business degree soon, and we would love to know where he lives and works so that his neighbors, classmates, and coworkers could be warned about the dangerous racist in their midst.

Michigan Patriot Front members pouring white paint on a BLM mural in Ypsilanti, MI from the back of a Home Depot truck.

Dakota James West AKA “Donald OK” of Tulsa, OK

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We would like to introduce you to Dakota James West of Tulsa, OK! Dakota goes by “Donald OK” PF-680053 in the leaked Patriot Front RocketChat.

We identified Dakota James West after we identified another Tulsa-area Patriot Front member, Clinton William Hudson, in March 2022. Dakota is very active in Patriot Front activities and still is a threat to the community. He may also go by Dakota James Pomeroy. We also have reason to believe that he may now reside in the greater New Orleans/Slidell Louisiana area, more precisely Picayune, Mississippi.

Patryck Scott Durham AKA “Kevin CO” of Aurora, CO

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Patryck Scott Durham (19) of Aurora, Colorado is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Patryck is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. On social media, Patryck has expressed a desire to shoot up an immigration center, lynch Black people, as well as support for the Ku Klux Klan and the Oklahoma City bombing.

UPDATE: 1/30/2023
After a flyering campaign and some investigative reporting, Patryck Scott Durham is no longer enrolled at CU Boulder.

Thanks to leaked internal chats published by Unicorn Riot, we can see Kevin’s messages within the organization. Note that much of the Colorado & southern Wyoming chapter’s coordination was done over Telegram; those communications are not included in the leaks.

Patryck also promoted the Patriot Front adjacent neo-Nazi group Active Club, while wearing a Cherokee Trail Lacrosse sweatshirt. This image was shared from official Active Club channels. The Front Range Active Club chapter has significant overlap with Patriot Front and it is likely that Patryck is a member of the group.

Patryck Durham’s white supremacist rhetoric even more extreme outside of the Patriot Front chat. As Sunlight161 found, Patryck runs a number of pseudo-anonymous Twitter accounts, which he has used to praise Adolf Hitler, the Ku Klux Klan, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and to express his desire to shoot up “an immigration center,” and lynch Black people.

Daniel Joshua Springer AKA Sam MN of Marine On Saint Croix, MN (also MO)

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Daniel Joshua Springer, 23, is the Patriot Front member with the username ‘Sam MN‘ in leaked Patriot Front chats. While Springer gave police his parents’ address in the quaint riverside village of Marine On Saint Croix, MN, he moved in with a Patriot Front leader in Missouri after his parents reportedly revoked his Internet privileges upon learning he was using their WiFi to conduct Patriot Front membership interviews from his bedroom.

Before moving, he had used his father’s car to transport other members to and from the vandalism of a LGBTQ center in Springfield, IL on Nov. 14, 2021. The gold 2005 Toyota Corolla, seen in leaked video as Patriot Front member remove spray cans from its trunk, is registered to Springer’s father. The Toyota’s registration lists a Marine on St. Croix address – the same address that Springer gave to Maryland Park Police for his victim report.

Daniel Springer aka ‘Sam MN‘ also took part in the Dec. 18, 2021 Patriot Front vandalism of a Black history mural on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Only one of five members involved in the vandalism, Mitchell Frederick Wagner aka ‘Kyle MO,’ currently faces charges for the act.

William Alfred Ring AKA “Tyler MD” (Currently in PA)

William Alfred Ring was identified as “Tyler MD” from messages and photos contained in the January 2022 Unicorn Riot leak of the Patriot Front chat server. In 2016, when he was 18 years old, William Ring was living in Portland, Oregon and voting for Donald Trump in the presidential election. Five years later, in 2021, he was on the east coast and active in the fascist Patriot Front organization. He appears to live in various towns around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Within Patriot Front, William Ring acted as an “aid” to Grant MD (AKA Daniel Turetchi) and was very involved in the organizing of the December 2021 Patriot Front march on the US Capitol. He scouted locations, acted as security for the Patriot Front camp where they mustered ahead of the march, and was on one of the little plastic shield teams for the actual march. William Ring was involved in vetting prospective Patriot Front members, and also was responsible for putting up of Patriot Front propaganda in the DC area and Pennsylvania.

In June 2022, local Pennsylvania news reported that William Ring was arrested on hate crime charges for striking a teenage girl of Hispanic descent in the face in and yelling racial and ethnic slurs at her. In August 2022 he appeared in court on those charges and was filmed by local media leaving court with a Nazi pal who shouted “28” at the cameraperson. “28” is the numeric code for “BH” or “Blood and Honour,” an infamous neo-Nazi bonehead gang. One month later, in September 2022, William Ring was arrested again, this time for hitting some guy with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and punching two women in a fight over a refrigerator his roommate was getting rid of.

Nathaniel Joshua Leavitt AKA “Clarke MO” of Springfield, MO

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On January 21, 2022, independent media outlet Unicorn Riot released 500GB of Patriot Front’s unaltered internal communications from the fascist group’s private chat server. This private chat is one of the main ways Patriot Front members coordinate and organize their activities. After joining the fascist organization, Patriot Front members choose a false name for themselves and include the state they live in and their title, if applicable. In Patriot Front’s private chat server, Nathaniel Leavitt is known as “Clarke MO @PF-256712.” Patriot Front also refers to areas where they have active members as networks. “Clarke MO” is a member of Network 13, abbreviated as NW13.

Nathaniel has a sticker collection which contains many hateful antisemitic and racist references, which is just a peek into the hateful personality that drove Nathaniel to join Patriot Front in the first place [10]. One of his stickers even depicts murderer Kyle Rittenhouse as a saint. Yikes.

Nathaniel was in attendance for Patriot Front’s March on December 4th at the National Mall in Washington DC. He coordinated being picked up by “Leo MO” [8] in Patriot Front’s internal communications server. After the march,  “Mark MO” aka Ian Fletcher sent Nathaniel a photo of two individuals in front of Patriot Front’s re-decorated “hate bus,” which was used to transport many members from Missouri to Washington DC [9]. Nathaniel is pictured in the photo, on the right.


Ian Douglas Fletcher AKA “Mark MO” of Missouri

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On January 21, 2022, independent media outlet Unicorn Riot released 500GB of Patriot Front’s unaltered internal communications from the fascist group’s private chat server. This private chat is one of the main ways Patriot Front members coordinate and organize their activities. After joining the fascist organization, Patriot Front members choose a false name for themselves and include the state they live in and their title, if applicable. In Patriot Front’s private chat server, Ian Fletcher was known as Mark – MO (@PF-731400). Patriot Front also refers to areas where they have active members as networks. “Mark MO” is a member of Network 13, abbreviated as NW13.

Ian used Patriot Front stencils and spray paint to promote Neo-Nazi Patriot Front iconography in and around Kansas City, MO. There is an image of Ian Fletcher aka “Mark MO” with graffiti that he and several others (including Logan Plank aka “Clarke IL” and Nathaniel Leavitt aka “Clarke MO”) put up in Kansas City, MO. He also appears in several of the videos released by Unicorn Riot, where he can be seen putting up Patriot Front graffiti.

Mark MO was critical in helping Missouri members plan and show up for the Neo-Nazi march in Washington DC in December 2021 [9, 10] and acted as a medic for the march [11]. We were able to spot him wearing a white vest, which was standard for the medics during the December 4th march [14]. Ian also wore identical pieces of clothing while doing hate graffiti in Kansas City as when Patriot Front prepared for the DC March at their training camp.


Michael Alan Jones AKA “Adam NC” of Charlotte, NC

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Michael Alan Jones is a member of Patriot Front and uses the pseudonym ‘Adam NC’ within the fascist organization. He is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and also has ties to the North Carolina Proud Boys.

Raw Story reports that Michael Jones marched to the US Capitol with hundreds of Proud Boys on January 6th, 2021. He pulled away barricades on the West Plaza and entered the Capitol from the northwest courtyard side door. Michael Jones was later arrested for a curfew violation the night of January 6th, along with NC Proud Boys Jay Thaxton, James Smawley, and Tim Scarboro.

Michael Jones became active with Patriot Front after January 6th, 2021, and adopted the name “Adam NC.” Videos from the massive Unicorn Riot leak of Patriot Front’s internal communications server, show Michael Jones participating in banner drops and casing a park where he and other Patriot Front members planned to vandalize a sculpture honoring abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman. Jones was entrusted by Patriot Front’s leadership to coordinate their communications for their December 4, 2021 march on the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

On March 19, 2022, Michael Jones was arrested in NY state after committing a traffic violation. In his vehicle, law enforcement found Baofeng radios, bolt cutters, knives, ammunition, “burglary tools,” and an AR-15. After returning to North Carolina, Jones was arrested by Mecklenburg County, NC sheriffs and charged with ‘knowingly and unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.’ The felony in question stems from 2019, when Jones plead down from the original statutory sexual offense charges to felony “crimes against nature” after accusations of sexual assault by a 15-year old and a 14-year old.

Conor James Ryan AKA “Smiter IL / Francis IL / Francis CO” of Thornton, CO

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On June 11, 2022, American Neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front, made international news for the mass arrest of 31 members in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, ahead of a gay pride event taking place that day. Flagpoles, shields, shin guards and action plans were confiscated from the U-Haul, and most of the members had been riding in the cargo section. All 31 men were charged with conspiracy to riot and bailed out by the following day. Conor James Ryan was one of them.

Once members are granted access to the Patriot Front internal communications server, they choose a false name for themselves and include the state they live in and their title, if applicable. Conor first became a member of the hate group after it rebranded post-Charlottesville in 2017 but then left in 2018. He then rejoined again later in 2018 and was involved until 2020, when he retired from a leadership position in the group (when he was in Illinois) and resigned. He mentioned contact with the FBI several times. Conor previously used the pseudonyms “Smiter-IL” and “Francis IL” for Patriot Front internal communications, some of which are hosted on Unicorn Riot. He now goes by Francis CO.

Conor attended Richard Spencer’s Michigan State University speaking event in March 2018, alongside fascists representing the now-defunct Traditionalist Workers Party and Identity Europa/ American Identity Movement. Patriot Front was there to provide security and attendance for Spencer’s talk. Conor eventually became a Network Director within the Patriot Front organization when he lived in Chicago, where he led propaganda campaigns, and organized flash mobs at the March for Life events from 2018-2020. After moving to Colorado, Conor James Ryan of Thornton CO, formally rejoined Patriot Front for the third time in December 2021 after performing the role of a medic at their ill-fated DC march on December 4, 2021. He then was arrested in Idaho in June 2022 with other members of Patriot Front.

From left to right: Conor James Ryan in Chicago with Patriot Front propaganda, Mugshot from his arrest with Patriot Front in Idaho, Conor with the Nazis in the Traditionalist Workers Party outside of a Richard Spencer talk in Michigan.

Branden Mitchel Haney AKA “James UT” of Kaysville, UT

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In late October of 2021, an anonymous source sent us a tip: the racist, neo-Nazi hate group known as “Patriot Front” had a new member in Utah. The source didn’t know the new guy’s real name, but they gave us the notes from his application interview in the hope that we’d be able to identify him. (You can read the full text of the interview notes at the end of this article.) After reading the notes, we knew a lot about the political views of applicant 462179, but didn’t have enough for a positive ID. When independent media outlet Unicorn Riot published PF’s leaked chat logs in January 2022, we searched for the applicant’s user number in the chats and learned he had chosen the moniker “James.” His chat logs gave us several more details about his personal life, so when he got arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in June 2022, we were easily able to connect Branden Mitchel Haney of Kaysville, UT with his pseudonym, “James UT.”

Branden Haney is believed to be enrolled in and/or employed at FLT Academy in Woods Cross. In addition to wearing their merchandise in his family portrait, Haney is featured in two posts on FLT’s Facebook page. FLT Academy’s website includes this statement on inclusivity: “We seek to cultivate an environment of respect and empathy, advanced by diverse cultures and perspectives.” FLT Academy may not be aware of Branden Mitchel Haney’s racist and antisemitic beliefs, which are clearly at odds with their inclusivity statement. If you’d like to contact them and politely let them know about Haney’s beliefs and his membership in a neo-Nazi hate group, they can be reached by email at flt@fltacademy.com or by phone at (801) 896-4470. And if you find PF’s nazi advertisements in your neighborhood, take them down!

Branden Haney offers free ground lessons to other neo-Nazis.