Justin Michael O’Leary AKA “Ethan WA” of Des Moines, WA

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Justin Michael O’Leary is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group Patriot Front (PF). He operates under the name “Ethan WA” and lives in Des Moines, WA, with his wife, who holds similar views. O’Leary is the acting Network Quartermaster, making him responsible for storing materials used in various hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest.

O’Leary is highly active and has attended several Patriot Front banner drops, stencilings, hikes, and more. O’Leary helped deface the “Respect and Love Olympia” mural in October 2021, and was also present at the recent December 4th fascist march in Washington, DC.

Justin O’Leary (left) preparing the lower half of a Patriot Front stencil over an LGBTQ mural in Olympia.