Robert Thomas Budzyna AKA “Peter MA” of Auburn, MA

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Robert Thomas Budzyna (born June 18th, 1988) is an American neo-Nazi, convicted violator of a harassment protection order, and alleged arsonist. He was previously an active member of Patriot Front until his 2020 arrests in Tarrant County TX. He was also previously an active member of the Nationalist Social Club of New England until his 2023 arrest in Worcester County MA.

Budzyna, an ex-felon in the midst of several legal actions, is the subject of at least two protective orders in separate states resultant from his stalking of intimate partners and harassment of their families. Court records from three separate Massachusetts court districts indicate that he has not ceased his harassment, even while currently under arrest for the arsons he purportedly committed in 2019.

Budzyna is from Auburn MA, which is where he lives while under house arrest. He seems to have spent some time living in or around Dallas TX, including the 18 months he spent in prison for his harassment order violations.

His Patriot Front moniker was “Peter MA,” and his serial number was PF-2392. His pseudonym as a member of the Nationalist Social Club is “Red Wood.”