Victor Krvaric AKA “Interviewee-441215” of San Diego, CA

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Yesterday we identified a Patriot Front prospect as San Diego local Victor Krvaric. Victor is corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve, and he also works as a contracted security guard for the Department of Homeland Security. According to leaked Patriot Front chat documents obtained by @UR_Ninja, an unnamed 21-year-old prospect (#441215) from San Diego was interviewed on 12/7/2021. In the interview, the person admits he “was” in the marines & did contract work for DHS.

Victor’s Instagram and LinkedIn profile show he works as a contracted security guard for DHS since Jan 2020 & has been in the US Marine Corps since July 2018. The interviewee admits he was doxxed because of a BLM protest. We first learned about Victor in 2020 when he threatened BLM activists with his car at a protest in Scripps Ranch. Victor’s face and name were spread around the Internet due to the threats.

Given this information & evidence, we have no doubt the San Diego Patriot Front prospect that was interviewed is Victor Krvaric. The interview of Patriot Front Prospect No. 441215 is here and here.

Update from 28 March, 2022: During the course of the investigation into Victor Krvaric’s Far Right connections, the Marines Corps found that he engaged in misconduct for another issue. He’s being processed for administrative separation.