Aedan Tredinnick AKA “Vincent VA” of Norfolk, VA

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Aedan Tredinnick, 21, is one of four Patriot Front members who showed up late to a Patriot Front’s disastrous 2021 Washington D.C. march. The four were detained and released after antifascists vandalized a parking lot full of Patriot Front members’ vehicles near the march that this group was reassigned to guard.

According to leaked Patriot Front chats Tredinnick plans to pursue a career in cybersecurity. His LinkedIn shows he is currently seeking “Software Engineer” and “Summer Intern” roles in the Norfolk, VA area.

Social media posts indicate Tredinnick enrolled as an undergraduate at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in fall 2022. He previously finished high school at Tidewater Community College via a dual enrollment program where he studied computer science.

In October 2022, Aedan was listed as a defendant in a case against Patriot Front for defacing the Arthur Ashe mural in Richmond, VA. Patriot Front did not show to court and lost in a default judgement in August 2023.

While his Instagram and TikTok profiles show Tredinnick partying with non-white peers, his leaked Patriot Front chat shows him casually using racist slurs. In a Nov. 23, 2021 chat he complained about seeing “a gang of N****rswalking down the sidewalk being loud” while putting up Patriot Front stickers. Five days later, he posted a picture of a Black Lives Matter yard sign that he claimed to have stolen as “a trophy.”

Aedan Tredinnick (Patriot Front member ‘Vincent VA‘) posted a picture of himself stepping on an apparently stolen Black Lives Matter yard sign in the neo-nazi group’s RocketChat server on November 28, 2021. Tredinnick is seen wearing the same shoes in leaked video of himself and other PF members gluing propaganda posters to electrical boxes on November 14, 2021.

Tredinnick is also seen in leaked footage from Nov. 20, 2021 Patriot Front riot shield formation drills in Richmond, VA where he and other members rehearsed for their participation in Patriot Front’s ‘shield wall’ during the Dec. 4, 2021 march in D.C. These training sessions included simulated fights with a Patriot Front member assuming the role of an anti-racist counter-protester, who Tredinnick and others practiced striking with shields. (Patriot Front ‘shield team’ members often drill without shields before being given shields by leadership shortly before an event.)

Aedan Tredinnick (‘Vincent VA’) practices fighting anti-racist counter-protesters during a Patriot Front drilling meetup in a park in Richmond, VA on Nov. 20, 2021.