Nathaniel J. Noyce AKA “Roger VA” of Glen Allen, VA

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Nathaniel J. Noyce, 24, is one of four Patriot Front members who showed up late to a Patriot Front’s disastrous 2021 Washington D.C. march. The four were detained and released after antifascists vandalized a parking lot full of Patriot Front members’ vehicles near the march that this group was reassigned to guard.

Noyce works works at his family’s bike shop in Richmond, VA. In Patriot Front’s leaked chat server, he posted about going to jiu-jitsu and muy thai martial arts gyms in the Richmond area. He also shared casual antisemitic rhetoric about “shekels” and racist sentiments like “never let the ‘minorities’ take our history or culture.”

In October 2022, Noyce was listed as a defendant in a case against Patriot Front for defacing the Arthur Ashe mural in Richmond, VA. Patriot Front did not show to court and lost in a default judgement in August 2023.

Nathan Noyce seen working on a motorcycle in a photo posted by the Facebook page for his family’s business, Seasoned Cycles, which listed him as an employee on its website at the time of this report’s release. When detained by Prince George’s County police on Dec. 4, 2021, Noyce claimed he was “self-employed” and redirected the conversation to small talk about motorcycles when officers inquired about his Patriot Front insignias.

Noyce is seen in leaked footage of a Nov. 20, 2021 training in a park in Richmond, VA where Patriot Front members practiced for physical confrontations with anti-racist counter-protesters at their rallies.

Nathaniel J. Noyce (aka ‘Roger VA’) practices fighting anti-racist counter-protesters during a Patriot Front drilling meetup in a park in Richmond, VA on Nov. 20, 2021.

While preparing for the Dec. 4, 2021 rally in D.C., Noyce wrote to another member in Patriot Front’s RocketChat server that “I have body armor and will buy shinguards and a cup just to be safe.”

Nathaniel J. Noyce aka Patriot Front member ‘Roger VA’ (center) seen in a leaked photo training with a riot shield at Patriot Front’s rented campsite in Unionville, VA, shortly before the fascist group’s Dec. 4, 2021 march in Washington. Despite his presence at the rehearsal, Noyce failed to make it to the actual event on Dec. 4.

In a Nov. 24 message Noyce promised to bring “a loaded car with a table and all our trophies” to the D.C. event, referring to stolen anti-racist yard signs often collected by Patriot Front members. Four days later on Nov. 28, Noyce’s fellow chapter member Aedan Tredinnick posted a picture of an apparently stolen Black Lives Matter yard sign, calling it a “trophy.”