Wesley Evan Van Horn AKA “Christopher AL” of Lexington, AL

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We can now reveal the identity of Patriot Front’s Network Director for “Network VI” (northern Alabama & Georgia, southern Tennessee). Wesley Evan Van Horn of Lexington, Alabama is “Christopher AL” of Patriot Front. He was arrested with 30 other Patriot Front members in Idaho on Saturday, June 11th, 2022.

Wesley Van Horn / “Christopher AL” helped lead a Patriot Front regional training in Tallahassee, Florida in October 2021, where members drilled for Patriot Front’s December 2021 national rally in DC. He was promoted to Patriot Front “Network Director” for his region soon after DC.

In January 2022, internal Patriot Front messages were leaked online by the Unicorn Riot media collective. In those messages, Network Director “Christopher AL” (Wesley Van Horn) provided the locations of every member of his Patriot Front network at the time. He also indicated that he lived in or near Lexington, AL.