Alexander Christopher Beilman AKA “Tyler CT” of Meriden, CT

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Alexander Christopher Beilman (born September 13th, 1993) is an American accelerationist, antisemite, self-admitted petty thief, and fascist. Beilman is a member of Patriot Front, last known to function as the Network Scribe for Network 7.

Beilman is a highly active member, taking a part in organizing activities both local and national, and wrangling members into engagement. He produces physical stencils via 3D printer, which he sells to Patriot Front members cross-country for use in graffiti-based promat activities. Beilman has been arrested repeatedly while committing propaganda material events for Patriot Front.

Beilman’s current legal address is in Meriden CT, and he has previously lived in Wallingford CT.

His Patriot Front moniker is “Tyler CT,” and his serial number is PF-365252.

Jacob Anthony Ray AKA “Victor TX/OH” of Dallas, TX

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Meet neo-Nazi Patriot Front member “Victor TX” (formerly “Victor OH”) His real name is Jacob Anthony Ray and his serial number in the org is PF-584024. Jacob’s leaked messages can be found here.

It’s unclear if Jacob Ray is currently employed. If you have any information regarding his employment please contact Texas Fash Watch or email us at You will be kept anonymous.

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William Scott Planer AKA “Wilson CO” of Elizabeth, CO

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William Scott Planer (41) of Elizabeth, Colorado is a longtime neo-Nazi who currently holds membership in the Colorado & southern Wyoming chapter of Patriot Front, Front Range Active Club and Asatru Folk Assembly. William Planer has traveled across the country for Patriot Front marches and has engaged in regular Patriot Front organizing, including dozens of instances of racist graffiti and stickering.

William Planer lives with his neo-Nazi wife Justina Thatcher, their children, and Planer’s parents who are aware of their son’s white supremacist activism.

Ryan Michael Roy AKA “Rex VT” of Enosburg Falls, VT

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Ryan Michael Roy (born April 9th, 1989) is an American neo-Nazi. Roy first came to prominence due to his visible presence at 2017’s Unite the Right in Charlottesville VA. He’s known to be a long-time member of Patriot Front Network 7, and seems to act as a recruiter and point person for Network 7 in Vermont.

Roy may have been a member of the Traditionalist Worker Party before its collapse, and joined contingents of TWP members during at least two out-of-state events. [μ]

Roy’s last-known locale of residence is Enosburg Falls VT. He previously lived in Essex VT. [♣] [1]

Roy previously went by “RexLexus” over Discord, and “whitetaliban” on Instagram. His Patriot Front handle is “Rex VT,” and his serial number is PF-8672.

Jackson “Jack” Charles Rex AKA “Alan MI” of Swartz Creek, MI

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Anti-racists have unmasked Jackson “Jack” Charles Rex as the Network Director for Michigan (or ‘Network 15’) of the white supremacist Patriot Front organization. Patriot Front requires all of their members to use assigned aliases that are not similar to their actual names and Jackson Rex used the alias “Alan MI” in the group. Thanks to leaked internal chats published by Unicorn Riot, we can see Jackson’s messages within the organization. “Alan MI” is by far the most active Michigan Patriot Front member in their chats, with 1,428 messages, and has been a member since October of 2020. According to meeting minutes, he is also one of the most active members involved in Patriot Front stickering/vandalism. He has organized many Michigan PF events, including their November 27th 2021 Thanksgiving event, which was attended by numerous PF members and a priest from the white supremacist church the Asatru Folk Assembly (which “Alan MI” would participate in further afterwards).

Jackson Rex is from Swartz Creek, Michigan, and attends the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration. Anyone near Ann Arbor and especially Flint should keep an eye out for him. In the chat logs, Jackson talked about making PF members drive to the Flint/Lansing area, mentioned doing PF stickering/vandalism in Flint, and even sent videos of himself putting up PF stickers in Flint to fellow Michigan PF member “Benjamin.” We note that PF stickering in Flint is often aligned with break periods in the UM schedule.

“Alan MI” also takes credit for organizing and executing a major operation in which Patriot Front members painted over a Black Lives Matter mural in Ypsilanti, MI, referred to by PF members as “Operation Whitewash.”

Ann Arbor/Flint regions: If you know more and have any tips please email Jackson C. Rex / “Alan MI” may be finishing his business degree soon, and we would love to know where he lives and works so that his neighbors, classmates, and coworkers could be warned about the dangerous racist in their midst.

Michigan Patriot Front members pouring white paint on a BLM mural in Ypsilanti, MI from the back of a Home Depot truck.

Thomas Gilmer AKA “Jack AZ” of Tuscon, AZ

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Thomas S Gilmer AKA “Jack AZ” is a member of Patriot Front based out of Tucson, Arizona. From what we can gleam Gilmer majored in Computer Science at the University of Arizona. According to the group chats leaked by Unicorn Riot, Thomas is a particularly active member of the group, having attended many of the group’s hikes and choreographed events. He has also frequently put up promotional materials in the group alongside other Arizona based members.

Andrew Jacob Schwam AKA “Samuel GA” of Albertville, AL (Deceased)

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White nationalist Andrew Jacob Schwam of Albertville, Alabama died in an accident while working as a lineman on March 18th. Schwam was active as a white supremacist under the online aliases “George Goy”, “Joseph Warren”, and “Samuel GA”. He was part of Patriot Front as Samuel GA” a couple of years ago, while living in northwest Georgia. Leaked Patriot Front messages refer to him possibly rejoining that organization after his move to Alabama:

More recently, Schwam helped the White Lives Matter racist project in Alabama. Schwam’s history as an active white supremacist explains why the racist/antisemitic National Justice Party has been making propaganda over his death, and why a fundraiser for his family has been doing the rounds on racist Telegram channels. Good riddance to this neo-Nazi.

Dakota James West AKA “Donald OK” of Tulsa, OK

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We would like to introduce you to Dakota James West of Tulsa, OK! Dakota goes by “Donald OK” PF-680053 in the leaked Patriot Front RocketChat.

We identified Dakota James West after we identified another Tulsa-area Patriot Front member, Clinton William Hudson, in March 2022. Dakota is very active in Patriot Front activities and still is a threat to the community. He may also go by Dakota James Pomeroy. We also have reason to believe that he may now reside in the greater New Orleans/Slidell Louisiana area, more precisely Picayune, Mississippi.

Kieran Patrick Morris AKA “Patrick TX” of Tellico Plains, TN or Haslet, TX

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Kieran Patrick Morris is a longtime neo-Nazi and member of white supremacist organization Patriot Front. Kieran served as Network Director of the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Patriot Front chapter before moving to Haslet, Texas with Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau, and then likely to the Church of Aryanity‘s white supremacist compound in Eastern Tennessee.

Kieran was last known to be driving a Dark Blue 2007 Toyata Tacoma with a tonneau-type soft bed cover and Texas plates reading NNR 4884.

Robert Thomas Budzyna AKA “Peter MA” of Auburn, MA

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Robert Thomas Budzyna (born June 18th, 1988) is an American neo-Nazi, convicted violator of a harassment protection order, and alleged arsonist. He was previously an active member of Patriot Front until his 2020 arrests in Tarrant County TX. He was also previously an active member of the Nationalist Social Club of New England until his 2023 arrest in Worcester County MA.

Budzyna, an ex-felon in the midst of several legal actions, is the subject of at least two protective orders in separate states resultant from his stalking of intimate partners and harassment of their families. Court records from three separate Massachusetts court districts indicate that he has not ceased his harassment, even while currently under arrest for the arsons he purportedly committed in 2019.

Budzyna is from Auburn MA, which is where he lives while under house arrest. He seems to have spent some time living in or around Dallas TX, including the 18 months he spent in prison for his harassment order violations.

His Patriot Front moniker was “Peter MA,” and his serial number was PF-2392. His pseudonym as a member of the Nationalist Social Club is “Red Wood.”