Justin Michael O’Leary AKA “Ethan WA” of Des Moines, WA

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Justin Michael O’Leary is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group Patriot Front (PF). He operates under the name “Ethan WA” and lives in Des Moines, WA, with his wife, who holds similar views. O’Leary is the acting Network Quartermaster, making him responsible for storing materials used in various hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest.

O’Leary is highly active and has attended several Patriot Front banner drops, stencilings, hikes, and more. O’Leary helped deface the “Respect and Love Olympia” mural in October 2021, and was also present at the recent December 4th fascist march in Washington, DC.

Justin O’Leary (left) preparing the lower half of a Patriot Front stencil over an LGBTQ mural in Olympia.

Petri Hyde AKA “Robert TX” of Fort Worth, TX

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NEW PATRIOT FRONT MEMBER IDENTIFIED: Meet PETRI HYDE aka Robert TX of Fort Worth, TX. Petri Hyde was a student at the University of North Texas and a member of the now infamous North Texas College Republicans. The North Texas College Republicans offshoot UNT Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) are full on fascists now.

After college young Petri Hyde used his privilege to go to Austin in 2017 and intern for 20+ year Texas House of Representatives member Phil King representing Parker and Wise Counties. Parker County… shocker. The Republican to fascist pipeline strikes again. Petri came back home and has recently been involved in his family’s metal fabrication turned wine business RA Hyde Wines and Vineyard aka Casual Friday Winery owned by his father.

As of December Petri Hyde was also employed as a vendor relations analyst for the debt collection agency and “law firm” Scott & Associates


Tyler Russell Arbuckle AKA “Anthony UT” of Utah

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Images of Tyler Russell Arbuckle: image on left from leaked Patriot Front communications; image on right from a public post on Facebook clearly showing facial markings (image on right is from when he was younger).

Tyler Russell Arbuckle (born July 1998) of Utah is a member of the white supremacist, neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Tyler Arbuckle goes by the alias “Anthony UT” within the white supremacist, neo-fascist group. In January 2022, leaked messages and images from Patriot Front’s RocketChat internal communications was published on Unicorn Riot and clearly identifies Tyler Arbuckle as “Anthony UT”. Tyler has participated in placing neo-Nazi propaganda, demonstrations, and drills with the racist organization. Moreover, Arbuckle graduated from the United States Air Force at Lackland AFB, is likely an active member of the U.S. military, and is probably stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Arbuckle was heavily involved in the planning of the shield team for Patriot Front’s fascist march in Washington, DC on December 4, 2021. He helped organize the shield teams and appears in the leaked #shieldteamrearguard chat on the white supremacist organization’s RocketChat. As someone who graduated from the United States Air Force, Arbuckle is using his military training and background to train neo-Nazis. While in DC on December 4, 2021, Tyler Arbuckle also put up promotional materials (promat) with other Patriot Front members.

In another leaked RocketChat message, Arbuckle states to Patriot Front member (Charles CO) that he is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). We were able to confirm that Tyler Arbuckle is indeed an EMT through a video his mother, Amy Freeze, posted publicly to Instagram in November 2021. We were also able to verify his EMT license. His place of employment as an EMT-B is at GoldCross Ambulance Company.

Christian Tyler Goggins AKA “Andrew AL” of Bessemer, Alabama

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Christian Tyler Goggins (born 1993) of Bessemer, Alabama is a member of Patriot Front (PF), a white supremacist and fascist organization whose members just keep getting exposed. Goggins goes by the alias “Andrew AL” within the racist group. A trove of PF internal communications that was leaked online in January 2022 clearly identifies Goggins as “Andrew AL”. Goggins participated in PF’s masked national rally in Washington, DC on December 4, 2021 alongside other Alabama members. He also joined PF members in placing propaganda for the organization in Birmingham, Alabama the weekend before that demonstration. Goggins’ online trails connect him to other white supremacist circles such as the neo-Nazi bonehead music scene.

On the Telegram messaging application, Goggins uses the name “Reichneck” –a reference to Hitler’s Third Reich. Goggins chose an image of segregationist politician and four-term governor of Alabama, George Wallace, as his profile picture. The “Reichneck” account is a member of the Telegram group for the White Lives Matter (WLM) racist network in Alabama. While Goggins does not seem particularly active in that network, in his leaked Patriot Front comments Goggins notified other Alabama PF members of an upcoming WLM rally. Goggins’ Telegram account is also a member of the “Southern white nationalists chat group”, which promotes and is closely tied to the white supremacist and Southern secessionist League of the South. In his comments to this chat, Goggins/“Reichneck” defended Patriot Front on February 4, 2021, insisting that Patriot Front was a true “WN [white nationalist] organization” and that nobody could find “a n[****]r or a s[**]c in PF uniform.”

Goggins as “Reichneck,” defending Patriot Front to white supremacist group on Telegram, February 2022

Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager AKA “Michael TX” Of Haslet, TX

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Today we would like to introduce you to Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager (Michael TX) who also happens to be the newest resident of Patriot Front headquarters recently relocated to Haslet, TX. Other residents include Thomas Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Kieran Morris.

We first became aware of the name Tristan Yeager through the leaked insurance document. We were then able to confirm the listed vehicle matches a BMW parked in the driveway at the address for Patriot Front headquarter in Haslet, TX.

From there we discovered an arrest record for Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager out of Sanger, Texas in May 2021 for a charge of deadly conduct which gave us a mugshot to compare images to the leaked Patriot Front images of Michael TX. Yeager is also heavily involved in the Patriot Front tech team doing work on all of their servers. 

Tristan Yeager is currently a student at Tarrant County College and as of August 2021 was employed by Brinks, Inc in Denton, Texas.

Jon-Paul Struys AKA “Johnny MI” and Joseph Andrew Struys AKA “Ulysses MI” of the Traverse City Area, MI

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Based on a tip from Central Oregon Antifascist (COA), anti-racists in Michigan have unmasked two Patriot Front members.  These two PF members are brothers and they both reside in the Traverse City area.

COA sent this link that tied PF member “Johnny MI” (an alias) to Jon-Paul Struys, someone that was arrested at 2017’s Unite the Right (UtR) in Charlottesville. From there, and from the tip, Michigan anti-racists filled in the rest.  Because of the leaks hosted by Unicorn Ninja, anti-racists in Michigan were able to social map the Michigan Cluster of Patriot Front. This mapping allowed the anti-racists to confirm the provided identity and then the additional link to the brother.

Jon-Paul Struys in the leaked chats identified himself as being experienced in security work. This was confirmed by his LinkedIn account. Information on Joseph is a bit more scarce.

Traverse City region:  If you know more and have any tips please email pftips@krutt.org.

Zachary R. Stern AKA “Ryan PA” of Bushkill, PA

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We have identified this individual as Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania who used the alias “Ryan-PA” in the Unicorn Riot leaks of the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front’s, chat server. Stern’s story, however, has an strange twist.

Zachary Stern came to our attention when he was mentioned in an article about Patriot Front in the Huffington Post, “Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree.” Chris Mathias and Ali Winston wrote:

Videos showing Patriot Front’s retreat included footage of a rental number on the side of one of the trucks. HuffPost has obtained a copy of that truck’s corresponding rental agreement on July 3. It shows that it was rented by a man named Zachary Stern, who listed an address in Bushkill, Pennsylvania, about a two-hour drive north in the Poconos, as his residence. Public records show Zachary Stern owning a house at that same address.

Looking into Stern’s background, we found some interesting parallels with a Patriot Front member who used the code-name “Ryan-PA,” and whose member number is “PF-2575.” Zachary Stern is a tattoo enthusiast and his arms are extensively covered with tattoos. However, Zachary Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on the third finger of his left hand. A detailed examination of the imagery of the individual suspected to be Stern also reveal that this individual has an identical tattoo in an identical location.

Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania has a lengthy involvement in white nationalist circles, but what is disturbing is that this is despite having a Jewish background. Zach Stern registered a music distribution company called Vanguard Productions out of his parent’s Piscataway, New Jersey home. This company catered to Nazis and White Nationalists. He quickly earned himself a “Hate Group” designation from the SPLC. Vanguard Productions distributed Nazi music, books, & merch: Self describing thusly: “VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS is not a commercial label and thus remains unapologetic for the right wing/fascist views expressed on many of its releases. Herd/weak mentalities will find no welcome here”

Dalton Woodward AKA “Jesse AR” of Chester, AR

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Dalton Woodward (left) at Patriot Front training event, October 2021. Graham Whitson (“Mason TX”) on right.

Dalton Russell Woodward (“Jesse AR”) is the current “Interview Coordinator” for Patriot Front (PF), a white supremacist organization operating across the US. Atlanta Antifascists first exposed Woodward as a white nationalist in 2019, while he was an active-duty Georgia National Guardsman stationed in Afghanistan. Following media attention and the return of Woodward’s unit to the US, the National Guard eventually removed him. Woodward currently lives in Chester, Arkansas.

As Patriot Front’s national Interview Coordinator, Woodward organizes the initial interview sessions in which applicants submit to questioning by trusted PF members. These first interviews are conducted over a voice call and aim to identify potential infiltrators and to ensure ideological consistency. If a prospective member passes this first test, an in-person meetup is scheduled for further scrutiny, including a physical search and examining the contents of their phone. Woodward’s work as Interview Coordinator is a key part of PF’s security structure and is crucial to maintaining PF’s internal culture of fascism, white supremacy, and antisemitism.

Dalton Woodward as vanguard shield section leader, PF rally, December 4, 2021, Washington, DC.

Jeff Daniel AKA “Leo AZ” of Arizona

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Thanks to the help of a tipster I am able to identify a pseudonymous member of a White Lives Matter rally in Fort Worth, Texas last year who spewed white supremacist talking points. Apparently, he was a member of Patriot Front and doesn’t live in Texas.

At the time, he gave a fake name. I later found social media accounts associated with his pseudonym, which included anti-Semitic memes on Facebook and pro-Hitler apologia on Quora.

Jeff Daniel runs a naturopathic business in Arizona. The Facebook page for the business includes blatant Covid-19 misinformation and one meme that looks extremely odd out of context but makes more sense when you know about Jeff’s political hobby.

As I said then, I will say now: the most vocal members of the White Lives Matter rally in Fort Worth, like Jeff Daniel, clearly harbored racist or white supremacist beliefs, which they poorly tried to conceal with watch-words and concern trolling about victims of violence.

Leo AZ, PF-935510, not present in chat logs, left Patriot Front between 11/21/2021 and 12/8/2021.