Richard James Flannery AKA “Alexander OR” of Central Point, OR

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This article identifies Richard James Flannery of Central Point, Oregon as Patriot Front member “Alexander-OR” (PF-109720). Since joining Patriot Front at the beginning of 2021, Flannery has worked with other Oregon members in spreading the group’s fascist, white supremacist promotional materials throughout the state. Alongside Patriot Front neo-Nazis from across the Pacific Northwest, Richard Flannery traveled to Olympia, Washington to vandalize an LGBTQ+ Pride mural in October 2021. He also traveled to the East Coast to march through D.C. chanting white nationalist slogans with over 100 other members of Patriot Front on December 4th.

Update 1/19/24

Richard James Flannery has been seen on the dating app Tinder. In one photo, Flannery is shown holding hundreds of flyers in baggies while wearing a skull mask. This is a tactic often associated with White Lives Matter or the Goyim Defense League.