John Thomas VonDrashek III AKA “Lewis TX” of Denton, TX

John Thomas VonDrashek III of Denton, TX was first identified as a member of Patriot Front by @southdallas161 on Twitter, after his Mom’s SUV was spotted near the Orange Grove MBTA station in Malden, Massachusetts on July 2nd. VonDrashek and his Patriot Front buddies drove all the way to Massachusetts for a fascist power walk in Boston, only to have the locals mostly ignore them (or give them the finger) because their Nazi sidewalk stroll coincided with “Chowderfest.”
Patriot Front members choose pseudonyms when they join the fascist group. John Thomas Vondrashek III chose “Lewis TX” and used this pseudonym in Patriot Front’s private chat server. This chat server was subsequently leaked to the media group, Unicorn Riot, and the contents were published in January 2022. You can read “Lewis TX” messages here.
VonDrashek has been involved in acts of vandalism in his hometown of Denton, TX, and made plans for further placement of neo-Nazi advertising materials on the University of North Texas campus there. After Patriot Front marched and rallied at the National Mall in December 2021, VonDrashek was anxious to capitalize on whatever dubious publicity the group managed to drum up.
At the event in DC, VonDrashek carried one of the metal shields fabricated by his buddy “Adam TX,” aka Austin James Amato. Chat logs suggest that VonDrashek may be employed at the same place as Amato, although it is suspected that he works in the office – nothing on his resumé indicates that he has any qualifications as a metalworker.
John VonDrashek III at shield practice while at the Patriot Front camp in Virginia, ahead of the group’s December 2021 march in Washington DC.

Steven Derrick Tucker AKA “Don TX” of Texas

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Steven Derrick Tucker, 30, was arrested on June 11th in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with fellow members of the fascist group, Patriot Front, as they attempted to crash a Pride event there. Court records in Dallas County, Texas show that at the time of his arrest in Idaho, Tucker was out on bail awaiting trial on a charge of 2nd Degree felony assault with a deadly weapon. This charge stems from his arrest on August 14, 2021 after a fight he had with his male roommates at a house in Mesquite, TX. He threatened to kill one of them with a knife after they argued about washing dishes, prompting the other roommate to intervene. Court records in the aggravated assault case further reveal that one of the roommates (the complainant in the case) had a dating relationship with Tucker and that Tucker “was a member of the complainant’s family and household.” He was released on $25,000 bond on August 22, 2021.

Patriot Front members choose pseudonyms when they join the fascist group. Steven Derrick Tucker chose “Don TX” and used this pseudonym in Patriot Front’s private chat server. This chat server was subsequently leaked to the media group, Unicorn Riot, and the contents were published in January 2022. Posting as “Don TX” in the Patriot Front chats, he made reference to his legal situation, notably the fact that he wanted to keep Patriot Front out of it. (Is it any wonder?)

In a flurry of legal activity after Tucker’s arrest in Idaho as a member of Patriot Front, his bond was revoked for several weeks until he was eventually released with additional bond conditions including a requirement that he wear a ankle monitor. Tucker has also retained the legal services of Jason Lee Van Dyke, a longtime white nationalist and former lawyer for the Proud Boys, as his legal counsel in the Texas case.

Steven Derrick Tucker has traveled with Patriot Front to participate in their fascist flash mob actions on several occasions. In February 2021, Tucker was involved in a deadly car crash with several other Patriot Front members at the end of one of these actions in Utah. One member from New Jersey was killed and Thomas Rousseau, Patriot Front’s leader, was injured and hospitalized.

Austin James Amato AKA “Adam TX” of Fort Worth, TX

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Let’s all say hello to Austin James Amato aka “Adam TX PF-4366” of Fort Worth, TX. Austin Amato is a member of the violent nazi/white supremacist organization known as Patriot Front led by Thomas Rousseau out of Haslet, TX.

Austin Amato was solely responsible for the fabrication of the metal shields and shin guards worn by Patriot Front members in the fall of 2021 to their demonstrations. He was also arrested with Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager in May of 2021 in Sanger, TX on a charge of deadly conduct.

Austin Amato, along with Patriot Front member Graham Jones Whitson, and another unidentified man, were seen in the early hours of April 18, 2022, putting up a Patriot Front banner and stickers in downtown Denton, TX. The banner was strategically placed on the Dr Martin Luther King pedestrian bridge. Intercepted by a local trans activist and told to get the fuck off his block (and it is his block) Patriot Front members knocked the phone out of his hand and threatened that if he didn’t walk the other way they were going to keep his phone and he wouldn’t “leave in one piece”

Petri Hyde AKA “Robert TX” of Fort Worth, TX

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NEW PATRIOT FRONT MEMBER IDENTIFIED: Meet PETRI HYDE aka Robert TX of Fort Worth, TX. Petri Hyde was a student at the University of North Texas and a member of the now infamous North Texas College Republicans. The North Texas College Republicans offshoot UNT Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) are full on fascists now.

After college young Petri Hyde used his privilege to go to Austin in 2017 and intern for 20+ year Texas House of Representatives member Phil King representing Parker and Wise Counties. Parker County… shocker. The Republican to fascist pipeline strikes again. Petri came back home and has recently been involved in his family’s metal fabrication turned wine business RA Hyde Wines and Vineyard aka Casual Friday Winery owned by his father.

As of December Petri Hyde was also employed as a vendor relations analyst for the debt collection agency and “law firm” Scott & Associates


Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager AKA “Michael TX” Of Haslet, TX

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Today we would like to introduce you to Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager (Michael TX) who also happens to be the newest resident of Patriot Front headquarters recently relocated to Haslet, TX. Other residents include Thomas Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Kieran Morris.

We first became aware of the name Tristan Yeager through the leaked insurance document. We were then able to confirm the listed vehicle matches a BMW parked in the driveway at the address for Patriot Front headquarter in Haslet, TX.

From there we discovered an arrest record for Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager out of Sanger, Texas in May 2021 for a charge of deadly conduct which gave us a mugshot to compare images to the leaked Patriot Front images of Michael TX. Yeager is also heavily involved in the Patriot Front tech team doing work on all of their servers. 

Tristan Yeager is currently a student at Tarrant County College and as of August 2021 was employed by Brinks, Inc in Denton, Texas.