Logan Plank AKA Clarke IL of Wood River, IL

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Logan Plank of Wood River, Illinois is also known as Clarke IL, a member of Patriot Front, a violent white supremacist group, as proved by their internal documents leaked today by Unicorn Riot. He is also a sheet metal union (SMART 36) applicant, and son of Wood River, IL councilman Jeremy Plank and Bethalto teacher Tiffany Plank.

From the conversations leaked by Unicorn Riot, we see that Patriot Front member Clarke IL clearly had intentions of moving up in the fascist organization. In fact, Clarke IL even asked Thomas if he could learn the “art of making propaganda pieces” from him and then sent Thomas his sketched first attempt at Patriot Front promotional materials (aka “promat”). It’s clear that Clarke was seeking Thomas’s validation and approval, as well as maybe the design could be used on neo-Nazi stickers or banners used to terrorize communities.

Then we open up the direct messaged private conversations between Logan under the name Clarke IL and his Patriot Front network director Carter MO. So when member Clarke IL sends his resume for review ahead of an application into SMART Local 36’s apprenticeship program, which makes Clarke’s identification very easy.

Luke Paule AKA “Carter MO” of Pacific, MO

Luke Paule was identified as Patriot Front’s Network Director for southern Illinois and eastern Missouri (“Network XII”) by Unicorn Riot, when the media group revealed leaks of Patriot Front’s internal chat server in January 2022. Patriot Front members must choose pseudonyms when they join the fascist group, and Luke Paule’s alias was revealed as “Carter MO.” Here are the messages he wrote as “Carter MO.”

Luke Paule, as a Network Director, planned fascist activism to further Patriot Front’s fascist agenda, which included targeting FBI “report hate crimes” billboards. He also directed other Patriot Front members in his network in fascist activities, such as Brandon Michael Danaher (“Patrick MO”) of Blue Spring, Missouri, who was recently exposed by Chicago Anti-Fascist Action.

As noted by Unicorn Riot, Patriot Front Network Director ‘Carter MO‘ (Luke Paule) and other Patriot Front Network Directors discussed coordinating actions targeting FBI “report hate crimes” billboards in their respective areas.


Daniel Turetchi AKA Grant MD of Owings Mills, MD

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Thanks to the latest release of Patriot Front Chat logs by Unicorn Riot, we can identify Daniel Turetchi of Owings Mills, Maryland as “Grant-MD”. Turetchi is employed as a licensed Real Estate Agent for ExecuHome Realty in Parkville, MD, and an active member and Network Scribe of Patriot Front’s Network 9 (NW9), encompassing the Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia areas. He resides at Beckett Green Condominiums in Owings Mills, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb, since purchasing a unit in 2018

The chat logs published by Unicorn Riot show that Turetchi leveraged his position as a real estate agent to secure a campground in Unionville, VA under false pretenses for his fascist cohort to stay for their December 2021 march in Washington D.C. In addition to interfacing with the lessors, chat logs show Turetchi also was in charge of camp security checkpoints, meeting members at an initial checkpoint before escorting them to the campground. Intelligence garnered from the weekend indicated that local sheriff’s deputies were alerted to the suspicious presence of vehicles idling and massing at seemingly odd locations, forcing arrivals to reconfigure their meet points several times. Antifa Seven Hills was able to contact the lessors, who were appalled to learn they were taken advantage of and lied to.

*UPDATE* As of January 25th, 2022, Tuertchi’s former brokerage confirmed that his employment has been terminated. This article has been updated to reflect that.

Paul Michael Gancarz AKA Samuel VA of Virginia Beach, VA

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Meet Paul Gancarz, Patriot Front Network Director for Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. Paul attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville as a Proud Boy; was involved in scrawling swastika graffiti in Greenpoint, Brooklyn; and was a previous Network Director for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Among other things…

Paul Michael Gancarz is a fascist and Patriot Front’s Network Director for the region covering Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is originally from New York City where he has strong ties to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Forest Hills, Queens. As a member of Patriot Front, Gancarz is very active in the group’s propaganda campaigns in both New York and Virginia where he is responsible for much of the Patriot Front stickers, posters, and stencils reported in these areas. In his role as a Patriot Front Network Director, Paul would have been directly involved or consulted on high-profile vandalism in his network, such as the defacement of the Arthur Ashe mural in Richmond, Virginia. As the host for Patriot Front marches in Washington DC on January 29th, 2021 and more recently on December 4th, 2021, he would have had a large role in the organizing and staging of these fascist spectacles (and any U-haul mishaps that may have occurred).

Paul Gancarz’s involvement in Far Right politics also goes well beyond Patriot Front. On August 12, 2017 he attended the deadly white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia as a Proud Boy and has maintained strong connections to the group over the years. In December 2019, Paul and Proud Boy member Simon Ming Yui Lee (AKA Simon “Lee Greenwood”) scrawled swastikas outside of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn restaurant. Gancarz also helps distribute a variety of fascist and far right propaganda, notably those for white nationalist Robert Rundo’s groups, Rise Above Movement and Will2Rise. His work as an engineer provides him the opportunity to travel around the United States, network with different fascists, and spread fascist/white nationalist propaganda and ideas. He currently works for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia area.

Richard James Flannery AKA Alexander OR of Central Point, OR

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This article identifies Richard James Flannery of Central Point, Oregon as Patriot Front member “Alexander-OR” (PF-109720). Since joining Patriot Front at the beginning of 2021, Flannery has worked with other Oregon members in spreading the group’s fascist, white supremacist promotional materials throughout the state. Alongside Patriot Front neo-Nazis from across the Pacific Northwest, Richard Flannery traveled to Olympia, Washington to vandalize an LGBTQ+ Pride mural in October 2021. He also traveled to the East Coast to march through D.C. chanting white nationalist slogans with over 100 other members of Patriot Front on December 4th.

Jacob Stephen Sundt AKA Clarke WA of Olympia, WA

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Jacob Stephen Sundt is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group “Patriot Front.” He operates under the name “Clarke WA” and lives in Olympia, WA.

Sundt is responsible for planning the vandalism of the “Respect & Love Olympia” LGBTQ mural under the direct guidance of both his Network Director “John WA” and the leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau.

Jake Sundt is also the son of a judge for the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Lawrence Alexander Norman AKA Frederick OR of Prospect, OR

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Lawrence Alexander Norman of Prospect, Oregon is a member of of the white nationalist organization Patriot Front. Norman has been photographed attending and participating in the group’s PNW meetings and trainings. Members of Patriot Front are assigned a two part call-sign with a generic name and their state. Lawrence Norman is known to the group as Frederick OR.

Lawrence has made appearances at Patriot Front’s events in the Pacific Northwest. He notably helped the group during their defacement of the aforementioned Black Lives Matter mural in Olympia, Washington. He (and his stupid fucking manbun) can be seen in the following stills taken from videos recorded during a practice session and  during the vandalism itself.

Casey James Knuteson AKA Leo OR of Gaston, OR

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As the result of collaborative efforts between Pacific Northwest antifascist crews and ongoing infiltration of Patriot Front chapters, we can now identify Casey James Knuteson as a member of Patriot Front, a former Portland Proud Boy, and current resident of Gaston, Oregon. Over the past 4 to 5 months, Knuteson – along with his Oregon and Washington Patriot Front buddies – have posted a variety of white nationalist propaganda around Portland; they have also defaced Black Lives Matter murals and public art related to black history. Because of his continued connections with local Proud Boys, Knuteson has been networking on behalf of Patriot Front and establishing contact with local Proud Boy and far-right leaders such as Daniel Tooze. As one would expect from a member of an overtly fascist group such as Patriot Front, Knuteson is an avowed fascist and white supremacist, and should be considered a danger to his local community.

Ryan Sundberg AKA Paul CA of Campbell, CA

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Ryan Sundberg is a member of Patriot Front that currently lives in Campbell, CA in a home owned by his wife Jennifer’s parents: Frank and Margaret Dixon. Photos provided to NoCARA document Ryan Sundberg attending a hike with other PF members at White Mountain Wilderness in Inyo National Forest earlier in 2021. Sundberg traveled to this PF gathering in a truck registered to his company Arctype Corporation. Occupation: works at Google; software engineer.

James Julius Johnson AKA Tyler WA of Seattle, WA

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James Julius Johnson is a member of the Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group “Patriot Front.” He operates under the name “Tyler WA” and lives in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Johnson uses his 3D printer to create stencils for the group to use for hate crimes, and openly talks at member meetings about creating unserialized “ghost” guns.

Johnson in the same room as ghost gun he showed off, underneath a neo-nazi flag, counting stencil needs for upcoming vandalism.